Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When it comes to testing, preparing for it can be challenging. I, myself, am not an excellent test taker. I am the type of person who needs extra study options like books, websites, flashcards, study guides, etc. I spend countless money on popular classes, books, online sites that contain the information needed in order to gain full access to all my study options. Although I may not be the best test taker, I am super organized and motivated to get the job done. I space out my studying so I do not get off track or bored with the same format, whether that be online or from a book.
When I begin preparing for a test, I typically research some important data that I could include in my studying then I gather and collect all my resources. "More the merrier" I always say. I rather be more prepared then unprepared by having the best and most valuable information. Once I have collected everything, I grab myself a coffee and head straight to the library. I go by myself because I can not concentrate with extra noise. Once I get my special, sound proof room I immediately start writing on my flashcards all the information needed for my test. I typically use 2-4 packets of cards depending on the material and subject.
Ever since I went to college I have tried many maneuvers for better test prep. It has definitely been a trial of success and fail but I rather be ready and have everything I need in order to ace the test, even if it is by a hair of a point. If I am organized and focused I truly feel more confident in my test taking abilities!

Callie from Virginia
College Junior