Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

In a world of challenging situations, we face many issues that may overwhelm us when we cross paths. Preparing for a test is no easy task. We are often forced to overlook certain questions and find ways to minimize the risk of failing. I feel key preparations before any test include: Getting a good breakfast, sleeping for more than six hours as well as taking certain days to study the topic. For example, one student might cram an entire lesson or chapter of the topic in one day. That is not preparation. Preparation is the ability to freely memorize without stress and for most instances, it becomes embedded in your mind.
My personal test preparations include getting a good amount of sleep beforehand. A maximum of seven to eight hours will have your brain running at full capacity with the ability to think efficiently. Next is to include a healthy breakfast into your routine. A banana or two wouldn't suffice but rather eat something more nutritious, such as eggs. Two final steps that I think are key to preparing for any test is to study. By studying, I don't mean taking a quick glance at the material. I mean to study, as in to carefully read and find shortcuts on how to remember specific information. You don't need to memorize everything, you just need a little bit of information on how to get there. When you try to cram every single piece and paragraph of your review, you're actually making it worse for yourself. Picking apart the important factors and seeing the steps on how you achieve those answers, as well as how you remember them, is key. I will admit memorization plays a huge role in this, but it's the way you memorize the material. Preparing for multiple tests does not have to be intimidating. It can be fun with the right mindset and way to get there. I believe the best practice is to believe in yourself and finding a way that's most comfortable for you when memorizing or studying.

Joyce from California
College Freshman
Merced College