Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I am currently enrolled in several Advanced Placements and Dual Credit classes, so I have become accustomed to last minute cramming as well as rather grueling hours of studying. I am interested in medical studies so I am also enrolled in classes that require memorization and understanding of the many systems of the body and how they interact. These subjects can be rather strenuous to fully grasps but vitally important to succeed in my classes as well as a future career in medicine. As it can be difficult for me to concentrate and retain so much information, I have developed several different styles and strategies to help ensure my understanding of materials.
I usually take quick and messy notes during my class lectures, compile worksheets, and collect graded quizzes throughout the different subject units. My lecture notes are typically chaotic so I rewrite them in a more organized fashion, usually this involves color coordination, hand drawn diagrams as well as little tips on how to remember certain information. I will also reread and rework worksheets and quizzes to solidify my understanding. I am more of a visual learner so I will gain access to powerpoint and quizlets pertaining to my study subject, review the diagrams and draw my own versions.
Another way to study is through repetition so rereading, rewriting, and redrawing is the most efficient way for me. Therefore, reading my lecture notes out loud is the also most effective way to memorize things. I don't necessarily need an audience to listen but if you have a pet or a willing friend, try to utilize them as a student. I'll explain concepts to my dog, which involves showing him diagrams, giving him real life examples, demonstrations and explanations. If you can explain the concepts, then you're one step closer to truly grasping complex subjects.

Emily from Texas
High School Senior
Ronald Reagan High School