Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When I prepare to study for tests, I take a minute and evaluate the most effective method of studying. If I need to study definitions, I would use flashcards. If I need to learn the moves of another team in a sport, I would evaluate the film and learn how they act. There are many different ways to study and it all depends on the scenario. Those two are effective for those two scenarios in my opinion, but there can be other ways. Those work for me because it is just repetition and practice which makes my ability to learn possible. Additionally, when I studied for the act, what I did was practice and time myself. I felt that getting a tutor and attending sessions were useless because they would replay information one would get online. This way of practicing helped me through time which was the best way I improved my score of a 24 to a 30. In the end, my preparation has a patter of repetition, practice, and time. This works for me because I learn by reading and doing this more than once because that is how my mind functions and I feel like this can help may people if they can just learn the basic principle of getting down to work instead of procrastinating.

Olsi from Illinois
High School Senior
Prospect High School