Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

As a college student in Georgia Tech, I have to take multiple hard classes involving Math and Science that take a long time to study for. As a way to keep myself organized, I always make a to do list on my notebook of the various tasks that I need to get done involving studying. These may be include: look over my notes, practice problem set #, and look over missed questions.

When I study for my Math and Science classes, these focus heavily on solving problems, so I always make sure to learn how to solve the problem instead of reviewing lecture slides on the concepts themselves. Once I know there is a test coming soon, I start studying at least a week before to make sure to have plenty of time. I make it a point to ask the professor for a formal list of all the topics, or I just do it myself if they don't give me a clear answer. Once I have a clear topic list, I look over the textbook or problem sets that we do online, and I find specific page numbers for each topic and subsequent problems to practice the concepts. Once I complete the list, the day afterwards, I go through it, and for each topic, I complete the sample problems and check for the answers and make a list of any answers that I missed. Once I go through each topic's questions, I look over the list of the missed problems and concepts. I look through my notes for a way to solve the problem, and if I don't find one, I add it to a special list for pressing questions. Once I review all the missed questions, whenever my teachers have office hours or review days, I bring the list with questions I could not understand and review them with the professor or TAs. After all of that is completed, I make sure to lighten the load of my studying since I know how much I have worked and think I deserve a break.

For other test taking strategies, I always make sure to work for 45 minutes to an hour and then take a break to do something that I enjoy. This could be eating a snack, playing a small game, or just exercising.

Juan from Georgia
College Freshman
Georgia Institute of Technology