Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When preparing for a test, if the professor provides a test review, the very first thing I do is complete it to its entirety. If there is not a test review I will look over past homework assignments and do practice work provided in the textbook, if any. I will also skim the textbook chapters that are on the test and look over the powerpoints if provided. Another thing I do is study a little bit each day before the test and not cramming the night before. Right before class starts, I will look over my notes to make sure I understand and know all the material. If I have any questions I can not find the answer to will email my professor or ask questions in class. Writing down vocabulary terms and their definitions multiple times help me remember which words match. I find it easier to remember information when I write it on paper rather than on the computer. I also use highlighters with vocabulary words. For me when I see a word highlighted in yellow or orange it helps me remember the word while I am testing. When I study I usually listen to instrumental music so I do not feel as much pressure. The place where I like to study most is my bed or on the couch. I like to feel comfortable while I study so I am able to focus more on the material rather than focusing on how much back my back hurts.

Sierra from Texas
College Sophomore
Texas Tech