Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The soft glow of the rising sun filters through the windows, illuminating the shelves that hold more knowledge than I could ever hope to possess. I sigh as I inhale that familiar smell that books always seem to have. As I pass the library’s information desk, Doug waves. “Morning, Morgan!”
I grin at him as I make a beeline for my favorite spot by the fireplace. “Good morning!”
I plop down in my chair and line up my chosen weapons with which to conquer the enemy (an AP Psych test) in front of me: my laptop, five pounds of notes, and a snack (for studying energy, of course).
I smile as I consider how lucky I am to get to study in such an atmosphere.
Then I get to work.
Professional athletes spend hours upon hours of their lives working their bodies to their breaking points, all with the intention of making themselves more formidable. If our bodies need constant effort and exercising in order to become stronger, then surely our brains require the same. And just like an athlete cannot possibly be expected to perform well if their only training is one thousand push-ups the night before a big game, a student cannot perform well if their only studying is crammed in the night before an exam. My best test preparation technique is to avoid information overload: studies have shown that an overwhelmed brain is not a successful one.
It also never hurts to find a place that’s comfortable and quiet, with an atmosphere that promotes focus. I also do my best to eliminate all distractions: Olympians don’t have time to tweet while they’re training, so my phone stays off while I study.
But my main technique? I take messy notes during class and then rewrite them later in a more concise format: so not only do I now have a nice copy of all the information I need, but I also have just successfully put all that information back into my head.
Four hours later, I’m waving goodbye to Doug as I leave the library, a skip in my step and all the knowledge I need secure in my brain.

Morgan from Ohio
High School Senior
Olentangy High School