Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I think I do well studying for tests because of how I have gotten to learn myself and what works best for me. Flashcards are honestly the only preparation technique that helps me study for an exam. Before, I used to try to just look at the material in my notebooks and try to re-read them over and over again until I thought I was reading to take the test. It never worked and all of the information just merged together and wasn't helpful at all. Once I started using flashcards it completely changed my grades. It allows me to really absorb the information and provide me with the basics of the class that is needed for the exams. I have also learned to improve upon that as well by using color coded cards, different methods on memorizing them, and how to work with other people with them. I started using flashcards in high school and noticed a tremendous difference in my grades, and I brought that practice with me to college which was a great tool. When I got to college the work load went up immensely, and if I didn't have that experience with how to study I don't think I would have been able to pass my classes and maintain the grades I have. I love how there are endless ways to study for school and how everyone can find what works for them best. I am always trying different ways to study but I always go back to flashcards because of how much they help me learn. I always learn best with repetition and really getting the information in my head, so using my my studying techniques took a while to find but it was ultimately so beneficial to my education.

Sophie from California
College Sophomore
Mills College