Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My focus can be turned in the blink of an eye. I must stay captivated and informed at the same time. I find it easiest to create my own study materials and to view others. I’m environmentally friendly so I attempt to save paper every opportunity I get. We’ve come so far as a society where we don’t need to always use paper. Sometimes it’s preferable to read a book or quicker to write notes when the professor speaks. I take any written notes or highlighted materials and I get on my computer and I type up a outline of all the materials I’m learning and key points. I make powerpoints for the visuals I must study. For Anatomy I have multiple lab praticals. I find multiple pictures of the body part I’m studying and I put it on a powerpoint slide with typed information about that part. I use multiple photos so I can get a variety of pictures to study from. I’m specific to make sure there is a lot of detail and organization to my powerpoints. I share the documents and slides to ensure all my data is correct. I typically make slides and documents as time goes rather than doing it all in one sitting. Then if I want more of an auditory method of learning then I will ask around to see if my classmates recorded any lectures. If my classmates can’t provide then I go to youtube and search for videos to watch and help me study. I use my access to technology to really provide a foundation to effective studying. I don’t 100% rely on technology I always have a book on standby. Usually when I study I go to coffee shops or designated study areas at school. Being somewhere with the purpose “to study” helps me stay focused. At home I have an endless number of distractions. I find having a little bit of background noise helps me focus. So when I’m writing an essay or notes, I listen to instrumental study music or the sound of rain. My techniques and habits I find useful in aiding my studying!

Kylie from Ohio
College Sophomore
Stark State College