Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Some of the things I do to prepare for a test include, resting very well before a big exam or quiz. So much so, I do not study the night before a test. Instead, I wake up a bit earlier than usual and study the day of the test. That way I will be able to retain more of the information with a well-rested brain, and I am more likely to remember something I just reviewed earlier in the day. Another habit I have is to eat snacks throughout the day. If I have a test in the morning, I eat a large breakfast before the test. This way my body is working at maximum efficiency. If I have a test later in the day, I try to eat smaller meals or snacks to make sure that I do not get tired before the exam. One study habit that I live by, is to have a studying partner to ask questions instead of looking at the question and answer myself. This helps me because I am not memorizing the answer, but actually learning why the answer is what it is. The final thing I do in preparation for a test is to rewrite my notes every few days to make sure that I know exactly what I should know. With all of these combined, I am able to perform very well on tests.

Kiana from Indiana
High School Senior
Ben Davis High School