Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When I prepare for test I usually hand write and then type my notes for the class. It helps me remember the information if I see it more than once. If there is vocabulary involved, I make flashcards with all the terms on one side and the definition and other important information on the back. The flashcards help because I can quiz myself on the definitions and if I don't know the words I make a separate pile to make sure I go back and go through those specific ones more in depth. Another way I prepare for test is working out problems related to the content the test will cover. This helps me understand the concept and how to apply it instead of just memorizing how to do it. My favorite test preparation practice is a small study of four people. We quiz each other on the material and make sure we understand the concept before moving on to the next. If one of us doesn't understand the concept, then well explain in our own way how we remember it and this way it gives the other person to understand a different way to look at it but also make sure our own explanation is correct as well. Quizlet is also a good study tool because they have mini quizzes and test in the app pertaining to the material you make yourself and can get a feel of how you would do with taking the actual test.

Kerri from Ohio
College Junior
Tuskegee University