Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I wouldn’t say I necessarily have great test preparation practices but I do have some that work for me. I personally can study for a test by reading the information out loud to myself. This technique helps the information stick in my mind and helps me remember what i’m studying. Another technique is listening to music while I study. To some people that can be distracting but it greatly helps me remember what i’m trying to recall for the test. My last technique is studying for a little bit every day. Studying a little bit every day is a good test preparation practice to have because it helps you remember the information a little bit at a time instead of cramming it all in the night before the test. It’s super easy and simple to do. It’s also important to organize your notes so they are easy to follow and study. That will make preparing for the test ten times easier. These are the test preparations that I found work for me and I will continue to do them until I find some that work better.

Melody from Pennsylvania
High School Senior
Upper Dauphin Area High School