Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

In truth, I am a very organized person. It doesn’t make much sense to say that I tackle my studying head on, but that’s how I get it done. I take out all my notes, previous homework assignments, previous tests and quizzes, and anything else that I have done for a particular unit and I throw it on my desk. Throw it. One big messy pile for each subject. I move on to do what any normal person would, and I take the top sheet. From then on it’s a game fought between studying papers, redoing papers, trashing papers, storing papers for later. I keep all my distractions out of my peripheral and I win that game, conquering paper by paper. When the pile finally disappears, I take a water break. A quarter of an hour later and I complete the entire task a second time, writing down any information that I am certainly going to forget so I can look over that sheet one last time before the exam. This is very tedious, and I can’t say I look forward to it. But it works, very well for that matter. Studying is an art, and I prefer to master that in the disorderly way art is created.
It is quite a mystery why this works so well for me. I have not come up with a serious scientific reason as of now, but something about the constant reading over information sticks in my brain. I am also a very visual and intuitive learner. Seeing the passages, math problems, historical facts, or whatever else the matter may include create an image in my mind identical to that on the page. I am an odd memorizer. Instead of memorizing the year an event happened, I bring up the photo of the entire timeline in my brain, and as a Prezi would, I shuffle through each segment until I find the one I need. All through brainpower. It seems that this would be a timely effort, but during an exam I can think fast on my feet and find what I am looking for in seconds. Like magic, the art continues past the studying in into my brain generating image after image of the material I spend time deciphering.

Felicity from Virginia
High School Senior
Battlefield High School