Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I have always been a last minute kind of person. If I know I have a test coming up I will write it down in my planner that I should look over the material but I never do. That's okay this is what works for me! When covering stuff that is going to be on the test in a class I always make sure I am paying extra close attention. I quiz myself and try to fill in the answers while my professors go through the material. After class, I always go to my professor to get the notes that I might have missed or that I do not fully understand. The day before a test I read over all of my notes. I have to go to a quiet place where there is no one else around or else I can not concentrate. Once I have found my quiet place usually the library or my room I set out all my materials. This just lets me see all I need to get done. I will check over my planner to see what is of most importance for me to get done at that point. Then I start to study. I read over the notes one time just going through them. After that, I will go through my notes and cover up the bullet points or the ends of some sentences so that I can see how much I remember. I also use a lot of colorful pens. I do a lot of circling and underlining. This helps me when I get to a test. I can almost picture the colors in my brain and then I can usually remember what it was that I had colored. I can never study too long without a break so I make sure I have planned study breaks. I usually include a time to eat and a time where I can go get a coffee from star bucks as a reward for my studying. This helps keep me motivated. I also always make sure I have water and chapstick with me before I sit down so that I do not find unneeded reasons to stop my studying. Even though studying the day before a test is not ideal for most people this strategy truly does work for me. I will study the day before the test with a few key study breaks, then the next day I will look over everything once more before my test. This is what works for me.

Taylor from Minnesota
College Freshman
Southwest Minnesota State University