Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

to prepare for a test, it start almost a week in advance. Studying is of course key for test preparation, but the way I do it is uncanny. I love group activity at the beginning; it helps me know what I know pretty well and what I need to work on, and the cool thing is, there are people to help me look at things a different way and have a better grasp at what I need to know. I then begin to study harder on the things that I don't know as well and just look over the things that I know fairly well. Then, the weird part, the day before the test, I relax; I put my mind at ease and think confident thoughts and try not to think about the test. This allows for a good night's sleep with minimal stress and huge relief, and, if it is a big enough test, I usually eat a good breakfast to get my brain flowing and run through everything that I need to know once again, but nothing too big. There's no need to bring about stress right before the test, that does me no good. Then I go and ace that test!

Travian from Oklahoma
High School Senior
Owasso High School