Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

During a small exam I am naturally calmer when I know I did everything I could have done to prepare. To prepare for an exam I first take notes on the subject at least a week before, depending on how much material there is to learn or the time given to me. While taking notes I make sure I have everything in a format that is easy to read, using colored pens and highlighters. My notes are composed of main ideas and bullet points explaining the main idea which helps me set different ideas apart and explain topics quickly. Two days before the exam I will split my notes in half to help minimize the amount of information I need to review a day while maximizing the amount of time I can spend reviewing the information. While taking notes I write down or make marks on things I don't understand in the subject or topic and the next day ask my teacher about them. On the day of the exam I wake up early to review any material I might not know 100% however, I then never look at my notes again and try to relax right before the exam. On a larger sized exam like an IB exam I will do the exact same except with a larger amount of time. To help me control my time I will make a schedule of how much studying I need to do everyday to help me get everything done before the exam. using all these techniques helps me feel qualified and ready for any exam I need to take, which I will continue to use throughout my educational studies.

kermena from Texas
High School Senior
Lawrence D. Bell