Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

College is one such opportunity that can lead people down the path to success and good fortune. Because of my Parents influence, I believe that college is important because it opens new doors and roads that would not be as easily accessible to me if I only had a high school education. I do not want to go through life having my options limited and my expectations trampled on before they could fully flourish, simply because I did not obtain the proper knowledge and skills in college. Such a life would only lead me down the path of frustration and regret, rather than toward the golden future I could potentially have. College is the stepping stone that will help me reach greater heights if I choose to accept and use it. Furthermore, though I may be concerned for my future, I also think college is important because it allows future generations to prosper as well.
Having an education after high school will not only benefit me, but it will also help children I may have. The burden of being born into a life filled with hardship because I did not go to college is a
weight that I will not intentionally place on any of my children’s shoulders. I want to provide them with the best possible life that my college education can offer, and hopefully, the opportunities that I will give them will allow them to have prosperous futures as well. I value college and the advantages that it will give me because it will no doubt affect my future and the future of my children. I hope to one day express my view point on college to the family I have and tell them about the man that inspired it all.

Jahmier from Pennsylvania
High School Senior
Mastery charter Thomas campus