Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Just like many other students, I tend to wait until the last minute to prepare for a test. While this practice can be risky, my preparation practices are yet to fail me. First, I tell myself not to panic. Panicking will only cloud my focus. Second, I put away all electronic devices into a drawer or cabinet across the room I am studying in. Make sure the devices are not visible and remember to turn your phone off to warrant against any distractions from notifications. Third, finish any other homework assignments. It is important to do so before you start studying so no other responsibilities are causing you extra stress. After these other tasks are completed, relax. Grab a glass of water and a small snack--you might be up for a while. Next, layout all the materials necessary for studying--textbooks, notes, pencils and paper, etc. This is where my process starts to vary. If it is a history course, I go over facts and timelines. If it is science or math, I practice application. Application is what will most likely be tested and is essential to your understanding. In an English course, find an example quiz over the material you will be tested over. If an essay is required, brainstorm your responses and write down some insights you want to remember the next day. If you must memorize answers, annotate, annotate, annotate. Make fun mnemonic devices and connections to help you remember answers when the pressure is on. Furthermore, find helpful YouTube videos that apply to the subject you are studying. While some of them may be cheesy, I can say they most definitely work. Follow these steps for a good couple of hours then go to sleep with the plan to wake up a few hours before the test. Once you wake up, immediately go over the information once again. This will boost your confidence and reinforce the knowledge that solidified in your brain as you slept. Go to sleep once more and wake up with enough time to mentally prepare for the exam. Good luck and happy testing!

Isabelle from Texas
High School Senior
Liberty Academy