Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My favorite test preparation practice is taking notes. For example, if I have a test on material from a textbook, I will go through the specified chapter and take notes on things like main ideas or key terms. This is crucial to me retaining information and doing it a day or two before will help it sink into my memory. Another great method I use is "Quizlet" (online flashcards) or index card flashcards. This way helps me memorize information quickly and I can bring them anywhere. So, at extracurricular activities, my job, or just in my free time, I can study quickly and easily. Also, when I create my Quilt "set" or paper flashcards, I am learning the words/terms/ideas as I write them down. This again helps me process what the test is on and make it sink into my brain one to two days prior to the actual exam. Flashcards especially, really help with bigger unit exams, midterms, or even finals. Once you have made a set of note cards (or a packet of notes), one can keep those materials up until the cumulative exam. This way, you have your own library of information learned that year and won't have to rely on a big study guide or review that your teacher may or may not even hand out.
Overall, writing down and processing are things that help me most when studying for a test. As a high honors student, these two methods have worked very well for me and I plan to continue using them in college and beyond. I hope other students as well can use quick memorization and writing down and processing as methods to help them succeed in the classroom too.

Lauren from Connecticut
High School Senior
Simsbury High School