Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When preparing for a test I find it helpful to hand write flashcards for review and to take notes on the reading materials assigned. Both of these methods help me because I find handwriting the information multiple times allows me to efficiently absorb all of the information. I find taking notes on outside resources is beneficial because I further my knowledge on the subject while also reinforcing the concepts covered in class. While taking the notes I highlight key ideas. I typically mark these ideas by writing them in a different colored pen. When reviewing on test day I can simply read over the notes and clearly find concepts I deemed important. I find flashcards helpful because it is very easy to use in nearly all settings. I use both physical and digital flashcards. Creating the flashcards forces me to rewrite my information. I have to read through my notes and condense it to fit an index card. This makes me consider what is being said, as I implement paraphrasing, which is another technique I find helpful to memorize the information.
To review for tests, I also find myself reading the textbook word for word. I find this helpful because I am reviewing the information covered in the class. There are no outside sources for this, so it is easy to focus on what I really need to know for the exam. I will also read through handouts, worksheets I have completed, and materials my teacher has posted online. I find this type of studying is best done in the beginning as it allows me to figure out the general topics that will be covered. Overall, I use a wide variety of methods to study. I change my methods for each exam to keep my studying engaging and effective.

Aubrey from Maryland
High School Senior
Governor Thomas Johnson High School