Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

School has always been my strong suit, but that doesn't mean I haven't had to study frequently to do well and succeed. I combine multiple study habits to create the best system that helps me study because different study habits work better for different people.
For me, the best way to study has always been to read the information I need to study over and over until it is completely ingrained in my brain. I always try to make sure I study for an hour or longer the night before a big test, but I have discovered that the information I study last minute before the test is what I remember best because it is fresh on my mind, and possibly because I study well under pressure as well.
Another study habit that really helps me remember information for a test is making connections. If I can connect the material I am currently studying to something I have already learned or something I care a lot about such as animals, then it is much easier for me to remember the information. For example, I am passionate about 4-H and horses so to me it is common knowledge that horses have 205 bones. Therefore, if I have any sort of anatomy test I would immediately start connecting human anatomy to the anatomy of a horse and I would automatically be ready for the test.
One last study habit that helps me prepare for a test is vocalizing the information I need to remember. Usually seeing the information written is the best way for me to study, but I have noticed lately that most of the time as I am reading over material, I am also mouthing or whispering the words. I think this helps the most when I am sounding out words I don't know because it seems like the more times I try to sound out the word and figure out what it means, the better I seem to remember the word when it is time for a test.
All in all, the same study habits don't work for everyone, but for me it helps to read the material repeatedly, make connections with other information I know, and say the material.

Aimee from Kentucky
High School Senior
Barren County High School