Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When I am studying for a test, what usually helps me best is to rewrite my notes from class. in class just listening to my instructor does not really help me retain information. If I go home and rewrite everything from that class period, I can usually remember what we went over pretty easily. Also, when I am done rewriting them, it helps to be able to teach your notes to your imaginary class. If I can explain my notes and know what they are talking about, then that is when I know that I am actually going to remember them for the test. Another thing that helps me study for tests, is to color code my notes. If I color code them, then I know what goes with what and my notes are not just scattered all over the place. It also helps me to keep them organized and to know what everything is referring to. Rereading the chapters or what ever your test is over helps preparing for tests too. If you go to class, then come home and study your notes and read the chapters that the test is going to be over, it helps you remember what you learned in class and what your notes are talking about.

Alyson from Georgia
College Freshman
Georgia Southwestern University