Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Whenever I have a huge test coming up, I have a method that I like to follow. First, I like to go to the library to study for a test. When your in the library, it helps you become more focused and willing to study. Unlike staying in your room where you can easily get distracted. More importantly, flash cards are my favorite tool to use while studying. Personally, making flash cards for test helps me remember the information more because it consist of having to rewrite the information over. I write my notes from class, create my own study guide from my notes I've taken and create flashcards with questions and answers. After taking time out to review my flashcards and get familiar with the information, I like to ask a peer to test me on the flashcards. Being tested on the flashcards puts me in test mode and get an idea of what the test is going to be like. While preparing for a huge test, it's better to get an early start. Starting early will give you an advantage of covering all of the material and extra time to get comfortable with the information. The night before the test I only like to review the notes either once or twice and try to get to bed early. Personally, I like to walk through the doors knowing that I will excel on any test I'm taking at the moment. Even though I have strategies on how to prepare for a test, maintaining my confidence influences me to do well.

Jerricka from Louisiana
College Freshman
Nicholls State University