Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I participated in a SAT prep program before I took my June 1 SAT in 2019. I was averaging scores in the 1100 range before I started this program. This program provided me mentorship and many practice tests that helped me crank out questions and adapt to the time constraints and types of questions of the SAT.

The highest practice score I got at the end of this program was 1290. It definitely raised my score quite a bit.

Afterwards, I was left to study on my own. I knew that I would need to practice even more to get the highest score I could get. The prep program gave me one very important takeaway, and that was time management and regular practicing. I used Khan Academy, and made a schedule to regularly practice SAT questions. I would have a day dedicated to SAT reading/writing, and the next day for SAT math. All of this allowed me to complete one practice test per week with my given time then, and continuing to practice I was able to complete many more practice tests. The mentorship I received from the program allowed me to find ways to mentor myself, such as being able to regularly take practice tests so I could regularly assess what skills I lacked, and find time to make corrections and study before I would start my next test.

My method was very simple but required a lot of work. Finding time to regularly accomplish a short-term goal, and finding time to regularly assess your short-term goals so that you can move closer to your long-term goals.

My short-term goals of doing regular practice tests, and assessing them allowed me to move efficiently towards my long-term goal, to raise my SAT score to the highest.

I may have not gotten a perfect score, but I got 1360 on my final SAT. This was all possible due to my regular exercising of skills.

Marcus from Oregon
High School Senior
Clackamas High School