Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Everyone knows that gut twisting feeling of the anticipation of an upcoming test. Not everyone has a way to keep calm and collective but I'll share how I do.
The absolute first step to take is to STUDY well, and I don't mean try and cram all the information in two nights. Study ahead of time and the week of the test don't study as much. Find people taking the same test and form study groups and meet someone with a white board. Find practice problems and take turns working through the problems. If you prefer study alone, that is perfectly fine, do the same thing with the white board! Make sure you are drinking plenty of water and going to bed at a reasonable time. Most of you don't know this trick but eating healthier can improve your test anxiety greatly. The night before the test look at your notes for 2-3 hours and then stop. If your test is in the morning skim over your notes and then put them away. If your test is that afternoon have little study sessions throughout the day before the test.DO NOT talk about the information with your friends any more because that will just make you worry and anxious. You'll think you forgot to study something. Chew some gum before and throughout the test... this helps me greatly.

Cara from Texas
College Freshman
Texas Tech University