Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

"Never consider the study as an obligation, but as an opportunity to penetrate the beautiful and wonderful world of knowledge." -Albert Einstein.

The creation and process of a research study is very difficult for some people and easy for others. Studies are doors, that every time we learn something, we take wisdom on the subject and go deeper into it. From studies, we can learn many things like history, science, mathematics, language, economy among others intellectual pursuits. Many things that we study, we use in real life consciously and unconsciously. The best test preparation practices I use are: reading, writing, asking, practicing and repeating.

Once a teacher starts new skill sets and or new material, I read it every day, until I master it perfectly. Once that material in my head, I start writing it in pen what makes for me, the new material more permanent, and thus I can learn it more easily. I almost always use the color blue, because it is a color that stands out from all others. Next, to writing, I start asking questions like, “Why this information is true?”, “How did this topic arise?” and “Why it is important that I know it?”. After that, I practice it, doing exercises like, true and false, and choose and mention; since in that way, I put my mind to remember all the details that I had already reviewed. And finally, I read, write, ask, practice and review about five times more to be sure of the material. For me, these techniques work perfectly. Since I've been using them since I was a girl, I already dominate them and always get a good academic mark when I review my way. I want to be a teacher and I am completely sure that I will teach to my students these techniques, so they can do well in their exams and so that other people, like me, can be successful in their academic life. Since I believe that every study is an opportunity for one to learn well, it should never be forgotten. And, for me, it stays forever in my memory like a treasure.

Alina from Virginia
High School Senior
Patriot High School