Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My best test preparation practice is using a voice recorder. (vc). My parents told be this about how it worked for an uncle of mine when he went to university. I use the voice recorder on my phone originally but, I also have a vc device now that its sole purpose is voice recording. it is small and very easy to start, stop, continue,etc. I like my phone for small quizzes etc, but for long major exams I use the vc device.

I simply use it when I am studying and any of the critical items of each chapter / section / idea I speak into the vc and give a few pre-thoughts then list the item just the way I want to remember it later.
I can state theory 'x' then say 'list' and then call out the listing of the points for that.

I have used the vc for geography, psychology, sociology and communications . once I have read and covered all the text needed , I will use my written notes with my vc to ensure I did not miss anything vital. With the vc I can pause in between already recorded words and then press add/insert and then say what i need to add, then I can press insert and "tada" my original words stay and the added words are now there too. As the studying days go by I can listen to my voice notes in the car after practice , or when I am in my room getting ready to go out. My best retention seems to be to let it run one time when I am laying down getting ready to sleep.

Another great feature is speeding by a section that I do not need to hear in full. or even the cut feature to cut out parts that I no longer want to hear in a full listen. I like the feature where you can number the sections of the recordings, so that if you want to 'goto' a particular section you just queue it to that number and it goes directly to that section on the vc.

The voice retention of my notes is a great bonus. I like that as I keep my written notes all semester I can also keep my vc notes for finals. I add anything I missed from mid-terms to my vc.

Caelan from California
College Sophomore
Riverside Comm. College, Riverside California