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What is True Strength?
Mahatma Gandhi once said “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” My life has consisted of close ones struggling just trying to find something that will make them feel better mentally and physically. My goal in life is to become a nurse so that I can be the one to understand and help others around the world. I have been in a nursing program in my earlier years of high school and did not enjoy it as much as I thought I would. After some years and watching how sickness affected the people around me; I had gained the interest back of why I want to be in the medical field. I want to pursue this goal by getting my CNA and becoming the nurse I have always wanted to be since I was a little girl. I hope to serve others to the best of their needs as if they were a close friend, relative, or someone’s sick mother or father.
My mom was a kind and beautiful person and the bad things of this world got to her too soon. My dad, a firefighter and tile contractor; at the age of forty his mind and body is slowly giving up due to Lewy Body Disease. These things happening, I feel is the reason my brother was on the wrong path in life and was struggling to find the help he needed that he left the Earth too soon. I have looked into the eyes of the struggling and it sparked a light in me to continue my path on becoming a nurse. Growing up and witnessing what was happening around me taught me that there are people who could be in the same or even worse situations, having this thought in my mind has brought be closer with my future of becoming the best help I can be on this planet as a nurse.

Brooke from Massachusetts
High School Senior
Sandwich High School