Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

To be completely honest, I am much of a hands-on learner for sure, but when it comes to preparing for a Macro-economic test, I know I cannot turn interest rates into a physical exercise, at least not in a realistic way. What I can do is turn my friends and family into a study group! By far, having more than one person assist me with my studying has always been and will continue to be my most favorite and most dependable test prep activity. I have always been a fan of notecards, and whether I need to prepare myself for a math test or an economics test or even an art related test, with the help of my friends and family, we create notecards to memorize the information needed to prepare and then we test one another. It may sound like a basic and boring game, but the gathering of friends and family makes it a quite entertaining group activity.
The memorizing of the information does not begin once we test one another, it actually begins while I am writing down the information on a notecard, or when I am decorating the notecard, or even when I am reading the notecard out loud to whomever is getting challenged first. Which leads me to my next point, the challenge of having to memorize the cards not only makes it a fun competition for us, but it also makes the whole idea of test prepping more exciting. And whether or not my friends or family members are students, we all learn something new!
Not many people say they would rather stay home and study for an upcoming exam instead of going out with friends, and although choosing to go out instead may sound like the most irresponsible thing to do, many of those students only do so because they have already studied a great deal and it has not been as interesting as a night out. Honesty is the best recipe and the truth is that everyone gets tired of repetition. By studying with a group, every study session is a different experience because nobody can predict who will be there and what people will say in that session, whereas if we study alone, it will always be the same mood, and the same routine.
I have yet to discover the endless possibilities of making studying an activity and not a chore, and with these study groups, I am already enjoying one of those possibilities!

Jennifer from Illinois
College Freshman
Elgin Community College