Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My test preparation methods have been working for me since I was in eighth grade. One thing that I find very helpful is to do practice problems or answer practice questions for the chapter that my next exam is on. One thing that students do a lot is read through their notes while they do every single problem. Doing this makes them think that they totally understand the topic when, in reality, they don’t. I like to consult my notes for the first few problems and then do all of the remaining problems without looking at my notes to ensure that I fully understand the concept. Another test preparation method that works for me is listening to music while I study. Research has shown that if you listen to music while you study a subject, listening to the same songs later on can help you recall the information. I use this technique for many subjects, creating playlists for each subject that I can listen to while studying, and right before exams. One other very effective studying tool that works for me is to set goals for myself. It is easy to get frustrated or let your mind wander while studying because you don’t want to do it or the material is difficult. Setting goals for yourself, and even potentially setting rewards for yourself like having a piece of candy after reading a couple of pages in your text book can help motivate you to reach a certain point in your text book or your workbook so that you are prepared for an upcoming exam. My favorite of all the studying techniques that I use is to help other students by teaching concepts to them. One of the best ways to tell if you understand a topic from any subject is to teach that subject to another person. If you can explain it well enough to teach to someone else, then you understand it well enough to take a test on it.

Erika from Pennsylvania
College Sophomore
Keystone College