Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

In preparation for a test, the most effective ways that I have found to commit the required material and information to memory, is through demonstration, and associating the new information with a knowledge base that I already have, using it in real-life situations.
When studying for a test that focuses on performing certain skill sets, the most effective way for me to study, is to practice the skills until I am able to demonstrate them effectively. As I am performing the skill I am able to understand each specific component of it easier, in comparison to just reading about how the skill should be performed. This allows me to commit it to memory easier. However, all information does not have the ability to be demonstrated and practiced through movement. As a result, another technique that I use to study is through association of information.
Associating new information, with current knowledge already gained on a certain subject has helped me to retain the information and apply it appropriately on an exam. Applying the information learned, in real life situations, has a strong impact on my ability to retain the information. As it allows a visual of how the information can be used in certain situations.

Kial from Michigan
College Freshman
Kellogg community college