Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I think i have a great plan to prepare for a test and the plan starts the night before I begin to study. Schedule the night before the time and days you will set aside to dedicate solely to study for your test. You have to plan out how much time you will need to prepare for the test. For example, if I have a quiz or a chapter test, I might just need a day of preparation. However, if I have final exam for a class, I may set aside multiple days to study. Each night before your planned study day, you must get a full nights sleep the night before. Begin the day with a nutritious breakfast. Set aside a private space to have, away from any possible distractions. Do not schedule a lengthy time to study. Keep it under two hours and schedule breaks during that time to rest your eyes and stand up and exercise your legs. To prepare, I have with me all necessary study guides, my subject book and index cards. I read over my study guide, I put specific questions and notes on a index card and begin by studying myself. For example. I will write a question on the front of an index card and the answer on the back. I try not to peek! After I have quizzed myself, I give one of my family members my study material and have them ask me questions. I find that writing out the information on an index card and repeatedly quizzing myself, creates a memory in my mind. I also use creative images or rhymes in my mind to remember key words or details. All these different strategies have worked for me repletion, rhymes, and visual images to create a more fun way to learn and a easy way to remember information that may not be very interesting.

Kevin from Pennsylvania
High School Senior
Central Dauphin East High School