Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Everyone has a different approach to studying that works for them. Just because someone’s might be different does not mean that it bad it just something that is unique. When I have a test or quiz coming up I usually try to start studying weeks before the test and study a little here and there while we are learning the topic. I like to start by first studying key terms and getting to know them well. Knowing the basics is key before learning anything complex. Once i’ve became confident in the key terms I go and study the topics on which the test or quiz will be on. For me, studying for a solid hour to hour and half then taking a break works best because trying to cram everything won’t allow you to learn the topic and retain the information. Taking a break and coming back to it allows you to attempt to retain the information, then by looking at it a second, third, and fourth time you start to have an easier dealing with whatever the topic is. This study technique works for me because it gives me time to learn the subject and not have to feel rushed by the upcoming test or quiz date. I’ve had experience with cramming before and I would say it’s not the best way, at all, to study for a test or quiz. With the high stress of the test being around the corner mixed with the stress of not being able to retain the information acts as a roadblock for the info to successfully get to the brain and retained.
For math classes, my studying habits are sort of different. I would first work on problems that I have trouble working on and get myself comfortable with doing them. I would come back to it, cold, and try the problem again and if I get the answer with no trouble then I’ll move onto working on the problems that I just want to practice so it stays fresh in my mind. When test/quiz date comes around I will feel confident in knowing that I’ve studied well and know I can get a good grade.

Philip from Virginia
High School Senior
Cosby High School