Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Navigating through high school and entering college, I have used a variety of study methods that have either worked or were tossed. Study methods are a work in progress, some methods work for a class, sometimes my methods need to change as my classes change. My most successful method worked for all of my classes this past semester and will continue to be used this next semester if all continues to go well. If I know I have some test 2 weeks from now, I start to look over the material in small sessions. This gets the material on my mind and gets me thinking about all of the information the test will possibly cover. As the time nears, the sessions become longer and more frequent. This test is not my only material to focus on during that time, so I have to divide my time to each course to ensure my success. This involves making a study schedule. It sounds impossible but works very well, for instance, I'll read for A&P in the morning before a class and then study chemistry after the class. This just covers what I do to prepare for the test, but it also takes some work to prepare for a good study session.
To start these study sessions, I first prepare myself to study, this means putting my phone on "do not disturb" or even removing it from the study area completely. I set up all of the material I will be studying and ensure a quiet setting. By doing this, it helps myself to mentally prepare for a successful study session, but sometimes it does not go as planned. I may become distracted or feel the need to procrastinate and not study at that time. For these times I have developed a new method. This method involved sitting myself down for 5 minutes and make myself study for those 5 minutes. If I am able to focus and study well during those 5 minutes, I continue on, if it does not go well, I stop after that time is up and try to get my mind off of it. I shake it off and prepare myself to study later when I am mentally ready. Everyone learns differently so it is important to

Katherine from Tennessee
College Freshman
Tennessee Technological University