Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

One of the best test preparation practices is rewriting notes. Not only does it help me review everything I've learned in a unit, but it also helps me engrain it in my brain. Furthermore, rewriting my notes also allows for me to reorganize them and make connections I previously didn't understand during the lecture. It also gives me an overview of topics I might be confused about before the test, allowing me to understand what subjects I need to review more to ensure I get the grade I want. Another great preparation practice is writing a small summary, around three to five sentences, of each section of my notes. This helps me grasp the larger concept behind what I learned and piece all the information together. Understanding the bigger picture also helps me remember the important details of a subject for a test. I also make sure to go to bed early the night before a test and have a good breakfast the morning of to help me stay focused during the test. Using these practices, I've been able to maintain great grades throughout my high school career.

Brenna from Arizona
High School Senior
AAEC Paradise Valley