Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation is a process. Always read the material that your instructor will go over in class (before class) so you will be familiar with the material. If you do not understand the material, highlight that section. If the teacher goes over that section in class, make sure you understand the material by asking intelligent questions. Use your textbook as a guide to reinforce the material the teacher went over in class. If the teacher goes over material that's not covered in the textbook... then take notes.

Always do your homework and go over the problems with your teacher you did not understand.

To prepare for the test, review the text that the teacher went over in class and if the teacher went over the material you did not understand (study that section). Go over all homework, notes, and if you can get old test and notes, that would be helpful.

That's what I do to prepare for test. Hope that's helpful.

Olivia from South Carolina
High School Senior