Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I've always loved to sing. I write songs as well, and i've actually found that this skill can help me when I need to memorize material for tests. Whenever i'm studying, I try to make up rhymes with the important words i've learned throughout the unit. Most of the time the rhymes can be a little bit of a stretch, but as long as it sticks in my mind, it will help me remember what I need to. My parents will sometimes ask me to sing to them what i've managed to come up with and often times they're left in awe of how i'm able to do it. You may ask how i'm able to use this during the time of the actual test. As much as I'd like to say I break out in full production in front of my whole silent class, that is not the case. I'm sure some of my classmates have heard me silently humming to myself during an assesment, but I try to keep it as in my head as much as possible. I feel that this strategy could help a lot of people with their ability to do well on tests. Many students can attest to the fact that they often remember the lyrics to a song they learned 5 years ago better than material from a class. By combining the skills to learning a catchy song and useful vocabulary, it can better increase a student's motive to study and their success on an assesment. I'm aware that this may not be the best strategy for many, but it definitely works for me. I'm proud of the way I am able to use my creativity towards my success in school. However strange it may be.

Avery from New York
High School Senior
North Shore High School