Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I took the SAT for the first time in the spring of my Junior year and I didn't do any test preparation for it. I thought that I was prepared to take the test since I already took the PSAT beforehand and boy was I wrong. I score lower than my initial PSAT score and I felt devastated. I knew that to qualify for my state's merit scholarship I needed to get at least 1290. I needed to increase my score by a hundred points before it was time to submit my college applications. Over the next few months, I did some SAT questions here and there but I was still only increasing my SAT score by 10 or 20 points.
After I took the SAT for the third time, I realized that I needed to start with test preparation. I bought the official Collegeboard SAT practice book and also signed up for two online SAT/ACT prep classes taught at the University of Central Florida. I made a schedule of what topics to go over with each day, how many practice questions I needed to do per section, and also tried to leave one day of the week to do a practice exam. Though it was hard to stay on track, I knew that I needed this scholarship and test preparation was the only way I could increase my score.
A few weeks have gone by using this method for test preparation and I started to see results. I was able to fully understand reading passages without zoning out and finish the math section of the SAT with time to check over my work. I didn't feel pressured by the time limit and felt more relaxed with every practice test that I took. I was genuinely happy with the progress that I was making and felt confident that my score would increase.
After taking the test for the last time, I finally got the score that would qualify for my state's scholarship. I felt proud of myself because all of my hard work paid off. Test preparation has allowed me to increase my stamina, accuracy, and also brush up on my knowledge on topics of the test.

Nina Sophia from Florida
High School Senior
Freedom High School