Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When it comes to preparing for a test, what matters most are the notes you take since the information you write in your notebook will be the information you write on the test. This is why, whenever I’m in class, I sift through what the teacher says and write down only what is test eligible. Next, I go home and, if the teacher has given me a study guide, I look at the study guide. If the teacher did not give me a study guide, I look at my homework and quizzes. I do this because study guides, homework, and quizzes give insight into what the teacher will put on the test. Finally, after I get a general idea of what the teacher wants me to know, I study my notes. I look at all of my notes, but I spend more time on the things my homework, quizzes, and/or study guide have hinted will be on the test. When studying my notes, I usually study them in relation to one another since oftentimes the test will not just ask for x but how x related to y and z as well. If I run across something I did not take adequate notes on, I go to the teacher, and only to the teacher. I do this because my classmates could have consulted the internet rather than the teacher, and the internet may or may not stress what the teacher put on the test. The teacher, on the other hand, will always stress what is on the test. Finally, when all this is done, I take the test.

Anthony from Idaho
High School Senior
The Ambrose School