Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The quiet room with furious scribbling, pages turning, and a page full of questions with the choices A,B,C,D droning on is enough to give any person that feeling of anxiety. Everyone has felt this frustration and anger before and the thought of, "I wish I studied more,' after leaving the testing area. After years of trying new techniques and note-taking strategies, I have developed a plan that personally allows me to be safely prepared every-time I take a test. Take note, this plan has been made specifically for me, but I have had friends utilize it as a guideline and modify the timeframe and study tools to better aid them. Depending on the difficulty of the test I start studying 3-5 days in advance. On the the first day I go over all the concepts using notes from the textbook and class that I have taken. Any concepts or terms that are unfamiliar are written down on a sticky-note. The next day I look up the unfamiliar concepts on Youtube or KhanAcademy. I then review any quizzes, worksheets, or past tests we have had on the materials, focusing mainly on the questions I got wrong. Then the last few days are used to take practice tests. These can be found online or given by your teacher or maybe from peers who have taken the class before. Teachers will change the test format and questions every year but the style and difficulty of the questions will remain the same. Practice really does make perfect! I then go over the questions I got wrong and find out why. I like to be done studying two days before the test. I spend the last day working with my friends and answering any questions they get stuck on. Teaching concepts is the best way to make sure you know the material and allows for a last minute review on the material you are unfamiliar with. This is what I have found to work for me, and I hope it helps you!

Neha from Georgia
College Sophomore
University of Alabama at Birmingham