Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

There are many study based practices which have proven effective to help students study. But, not everyone is able to color code and create numeric devices to help them remember the table of elements or how to do a quadratic equation. My number one rule is to study every week, which seems like a simple idea but is a lot harder to manage than it appears. Pick one day a week to study but don't let it be the bedroom; your bedroom is a place to sleep and relax which is the opposite of studying. Using different platforms is a way to generalize the skills you have learned and apply them to outside situations, compared to always studying with paper and pencil. There are many various platforms such as whiteboards, windows (Crayola has window markers which make it fun to do math), computer games and even the shower. You're able to use different writing utensils and manipulatives to also help generalize and get a more concrete sense of a concept. When I was in high school my mom set a timer where I worked 50 minutes then got a 10 minute break. Even have that small downtime to think about a topic other than homework was relaxing; after those ten minutes I was ready to get back to work. Studying at the same time has proven to be effective for me. When there's a subject I don't want to study I tend to put it off til the last minute, which normally results in minimal effort and poor outcome. The simple solution is to have a constant time carved each day where studying can happen. This sets a internal clock in your body that makes it your prime time to get any sort of studying accomplished. As stated before, color coding is a great way to remember main ideas for some students and it has proven to make a student feel more organized and also retain the information needed to pass. Overall, my ideas to prepare for a test are to give constant breaks, set up a studying schedule, and use different manipulatives and platforms to generalize and ingrain the concept into your conscious.

Megan from Arizona
College Sophomore
Western Governors University