Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

First I think about where I came from and my chances to end up where I did. Despite all odds and stereotypes of big families, I feel proud to prove wrong to all people who claim you should not have more kids because you cannot provide a decent life for them. I finished my bachelor degree in another country by finding means to finance myself. Also, I graduated because my family showed me how to reach my goals and I found that power inside of me to keep me going even if my schedule was tight.
Once you know who you are and what you want to achieve you need to remember it and think of it when you feel like studying is overwhelming you. That source of motivation and self-awareness makes you work harder than you would ever think you are capable of.
Secondly, every half an hour (or every section) have a break. Then ask yourself questions about things you just read about. It helps you revise better and make sure you understood everything. After you are done with it, reward yourself with one episode of your favorite tv show!
Last, but not least, make flash-cards! They really work and even only preparing them makes your brain engaged in a different way to passively absorbs information. Keep them in your bag or pocket! There is no time to be wasted. Anytime you wait somewhere in a line or go on a bus you can use that time for a quick review. Shortly studying a few times per day helps you effectively memorize things better and easier. Brain "absorbs" knowledge better if it is fresh and not overloaded. Also, the change of environment allows your brain to connect new memories with different situations what comes handful during the exam. A good example can be a scene from "Mean Girls" movie. Everyone knows the scene when Cady was thinking about the answer for the question that has been written on the blackboard behind Aarons's head. The same can happen to you. The final question can be about the thing you studied about at the time when someone cute interrupted you and asked out?

Anna Maria from Minnesota
College Freshman
Hennepin Technical College