Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

In order for me to grasp any sort of information I have to review my notes that same day so I can remember what we learned. Going over the information that I learn in the same day makes me remember it easier for when I have to remember information for the test. Going over information as much as possible helps me retain the information needed. This has to happen within those 24 hours or else its not as fresh or easy to remember certain information. Also re-writing my notes at home helps because when I write in class it tends to not be as legible as to when I rewrite information afterwards. Also when it comes to math, doing multiple problems until I feel I have grasped the concept seems to work for me. Studying a week before in little increments also helps because I'm not cramming all the information needed the night before allowing me to get a good nights rest to be able to focus on whats really important for the test. Eating breakfast seems to help me out as well because then my brain is able to focus clearly on whats important.

Hazel from California
College Junior
California Baptist University