Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When it comes to test preparation, for me creativity is key. To begin I write down the question and answer it using my notes or lectures, once I have done that for every question I begin to make a pyramid. At the topic is the questions I know and have not had any problems memorizing. For each layer I have I draw a scenario, for example if i was learning about the difference between a solid or a liquid I would draw out each form, writing the differences in characteristics of both items. The lower down in the pyramid the more studying or information I provide. Usually those are the questions I need to study more, look over and repeat multiple times. At the end, you would have a large pyramid filled with different examples, having a variety of colors, and things highlighted. At the end I make sure that almost everything is colored, each level of the pyramid, the titles of each question, the drawings of examples I have created. The reason why this best works for me is because color stimulates your brain, blue and red have shown an increase in memorization, so for me including these colors along with so many others stimulated my brain but also makes it fun for me to learn. Have you ever wondered why you can memorize some of your favorite songs because it has meaningful lyrics, or you like the beat or the tune of the song, you think its interesting to listen and its fun. Thats what the incorporation of color and repetition does for me, it encourages me to study rather than procrastinating and in turn just looking over the notes the day before an exam.

Cameron from California
College Junior
Crafting Hills College