Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

One of my favorite test preparations is dividing up chapters notes by color schemes and then taking the key concepts and formulas from each chapter and writing them all down on one sheet of paper. For example, in my Probability and Statistics class I color code the chapters we go over and highlight key information that I want to come back to before the exam, this makes it much easier for me to make my cumulative sheet of all the important information before the exam. I have found that associating chapters with colors make it much easier for me to remember, and since I write down the information multiple times, it makes it much easier for me to remember. After I write all the information on the final sheet, I like to go through each key concept and formula and think of when I would use this information, so I am basing my knowledge on understanding rather than memorization. I also like to go and try practice problems in the textbook to check that I have the right information to successfully complete a problem. In addition, I always ask my professor if they offer practice exams or suggest looking over any problems in the textbook.

Sarah from Tennessee
College Junior
University of Tennessee