Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

To be well prepared for what all students dread – test day, I start studying the same day I am given the material. If that class requires you to take notes, I write down everything I hear in short phrases, close to being hieroglyphics. When class is over, I reread my notes, complete phrases needed, and highlight key terms that need to be committed to my memory. One class that needed a great deal of commitment was my chemistry class. If you were not constantly on top of the material, you would feel as if you could never catch up to survive. Most students at my high school could not adjust the way needed, because they were accustomed to having the teachers “spoon-feed” them the information needed to regurgitate back onto the tests. There were multiple opportunities that were available to all students; options such as, SMART Saturday (Saturday school used as a positive way to catch up on any and all work), before and after school tutoring in the library, and for this chemistry class, after school in his classroom. I was required by the California Scholastic Federation to attend some of the tutoring sessions, I wisely used that time to focus on anything chemistry.

A true test of my testing skills happened right before the Fall semester final for 2018, my family was torn apart by order of the courts. With so much confusion and chaos whirling around me, it was best for me to engulf myself with schoolwork of any kind. Because of how much time I dedicated to this class, I was the top performer for 2018, and I was able to humbly help others in and outside my class with the amazing subject of science on the focus of chemistry. Also, I was awarded January Student of the Month for my hard work and dedication. Being focused is a ginormous help when studying for tests. If there is one item to learn from my hardships, is that perseverance can be a vital link between success or failure. And so, to be successful, it was helpful to utilize any resources given to vigorously study.

Carroll from California
High School Senior
Murrieta Valley high school