Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I prepare for each test in a unique way, depending on how the test will impact my grade and how comfortable I am with the material that will be covered. However, generally I apply a few key strategies to maximize my memorization potential and hopefully receive the best grade I can achieve. I usually hand write a couple pages of notes and summarize the main ideas a few days before the test. Hand writing has been shown to aid in memorization better than typing in multiple studies, so I made the switch to hand written notes a few years back (go old school!). I also have read a few studies that claimed studying a topic right before sleep may aid with future recall of the topic. I have also implemented this strategy into my own life by reading over my own notes or my textbook for 10-20 minutes before I go to sleep at night. I've found that this practice ends my day in a productive way, and also helps me get to sleep quicker. Nothing will put me to sleep faster than statistics! Finally, I also go into the test with a "I've prepared and I'm going to do my best" mindset.

Edward from California
High School Senior
California Virtual academy san diego