Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

There are various ways individuals can prepare for different tests. I personally have different ways to study for different subjects. Quizlet is a great way to study for tests because there are lots of different options you can use. The option I use most is the test portion. The test portion is a great way to prepare for tests because it’s like you’re taking the test while you're learning as well. Quizlet makes your study guide into a test format and then you answer questions.. Aside from the test portion I also love to use the flash card part of Quizlet. I like the flashcard portion primarily for learning vocab words. This is great because if you need to learn different words you have the word on one side and you click the card and it flips over to the definition on the other. This is great for me because in Spanish the whole unit is basically about vocab. Quizlet lets you make your own flashcards or use other people’s flashcards for when you don’t want to make your own or someone has already studied for that exact test. What also works well for Spanish class is the picture feature that Quizlet has. The picture feature is great because if you see a word and you have no idea what it means you can take a look at the picture to give you a hint, that way you know for the next time you try the Quizlet. In Quizlet the greatest feature is if you have a account you can even make your own test. For example when I want to learn more about the vocab words I can make my own flashcards and I can make the definitions to how i like them. I also take advantage of when my teachers post the quizlets they make online because usually it shows how the words and definitions on the test will look like. To conclude quizlet is a very good way to study for tests and getting prepared for anything you have to do for class as well as a great feature for students to learn from other teachers and students.

Christian from Illinois
High School Senior
Lake Park High School