Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My name is Kendall Harp. I am a freshman at the University of South Carolina majoring in Nursing. Before starting test preparations, I begin with a prayer and meditation. This works for me as I find the method relaxing and it prepares my mind and body for the focus that I need to prepare for the subject at hand. In preparing for a test, i have learned that it is best to keep up with the material that is presented in class daily. I review my class notes, even if I do not have that particular class on that day. Each evening, I take the time to review each subject. By reviewing my notes daily, I don't allow myself to fall behind, and it also alerts me of any topic that I may not fully understand. If I don't fully understand the subject matter, by reviewing daily, I have time to seek help and solutions to my confusion. I have also found that study groups help me tremendously! Being in college, I have found that it takes more effort to succeed, more intricate details are expected, and I am expected to learn at a faster pace. Participating in study groups help me to get a more defined understanding. Through the study groups, I have found that I learn from others as well as they learn from me. When participating in a study group, there is always someone who brings a more analytical view of the subject matter that some of the others have missed. Study groups help to gain a better understanding and allows members of the group to share information and a better foundation for the subject matter at hand. (It really helps if the subject is one of the member's favorite subjects to discuss! If there is a member who favors the subject matter, they tend to have a vast knowledge and understanding of the subject.) So, for test day, I feel fully prepared when I have prayed, meditated, stayed on top of the subject by reviewing daily, and have participated in a study group. These are the things that ensures my focus and retention of the material that I am to test on.

Kendall from South Carolina
College Freshman
University of South Carolina Aiken