Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The way I prepare for tests is just by studying and focusing on what might be asked. For example, if I were to prepare for an upcoming math test, I would usually go off from the study guide and redo each question on my own rather than looking at my notes. It helps me understand the problems because instead of studying hard on the same questions, I can focus on one question from each section. This way makes it easier for me to study and sometimes I would also try my best not to overthink things. I know friends that get really stressed and overwhelmed when they have a test coming up, but stressing only makes it worse because you’re not letting your brain relax. Most times I would do things last minute. I know for a fact that doing things last minute is common for everyone and for most people it works. Doing things at the last minute will help me concentrate even more because I know I have to get it done so I have no excuse not to study or prepare. Another way I prepare for tests are going to help centers. I have resources around campus to help myself. A majority of times I would ask for help at the math center for either math homework or studying. It is interesting to see how other people solve problems in a way that might be easier than the original. I have a couple friends that assist at the math center and they all have shown me different ways I can solve a problem and what can be easier for me when preparing or remembering. In the end it’s all on what you are comfortable with. I, myself, am a fast learner so I guess it’s easier for me to prepare for tests rather than someone who isn’t a fast learner. Also, helping others solve a problem or answer a question helps me as well. If I were to continuously help a friend on bio or math or any other subject, then I would gain more knowledge because it is repetitive in my head. Anything would work for me as long as my head is clear and I can concentrate. The efficient thing to remember is a clear mind will help one focus.

Nasiha from California
College Freshman
Reedley College